If you want to make a Playfinity game, then the playOS is the ecosystem you will use.



Playfinity console firmware

The Playfinity Console firmware is an advanced piece of software that is running on the Playfinity console.

This software is handling many important tasks, such as:

  • upgrading itself when the Playfinity SDK initiates a firmware upgrade on the console.
  • controlling the Bluetooth radio in various modes.
  • recognize actions, depending on which mode it is in (ball, trampoline, etc)
  • measure and calculate properties belonging to each action, and sending them to the Playfinity SDK on the phones.

You will not have to do anything with the Console's firmware. Your app will just use it through the Playfinity framework.

Your app

Your app consists of your code, the user experience, the user interface, sounds etc. what ever you like to include. This we name the "application part" in the above illustration.

In addition your application needs to include the Playfinity Framework (SDK).

Playfinity Framework

The Playfinity Framework (SDK) is a module that enables your app communicate with the Playfinity console. And in some cases receive data from multiple consoles simultaneously (tested successfully with 9 at once - in the Handball app).

The Playfinity Framework is responsible for secure (encrypted) communication between the consoles and your app. It also communicates with the Playfinity servers when that is necessary (to look up consoles, etc).