Welcome to Playfinity Labs

The Playfinity LABS web site (this one) is about what you can do with the Playfinity technology. Because we made it open for everyone to use.

Playfinity is on a mission to get people to move more, but our technology can be used in many other use cases.

What is Playfinity doing?

Playfinity is a tech company located in Norway. Playfinity is making

  • its own electronics hardware for tracking movement, and
  • a software system for bridging these movements to user experience on your phones,
  • other products into which we put the electronic (currently balls and wrist/leg bands)

We made the electronics part in such a way that it is portable between products. So you can use the same console in various use cases.

Have a look on this page to see how we use our tech in consumer products.

What is your mission?

Are you working on something that needs sensors in a casing? Maybe the Playfinity console is a perfect match for your use case?

Already from the very beginning, we have built our hardware and software system with care, so that it shall be easy for developers to try out the tech and choose it for their own products.

The product is certified, consumer ready, and has already been produced in many thousands. It means that you can skip the expensive cost, the time-consuming development, and the risk involved with developing your own hardware.

Read more about the Playfinity Console here.